Friday, November 5, 2010


We just recently refinanced our house, interest rates are a whopping 3.75%.  We had a couple of options; we could've kept our monthly payment the same and lowered it to a 15 year mortgage, or we could've kept it the same and gotten a loan for our kitchen (so we could have room for a normal kitchen table- so sick of those high stools), but we decided to keep it at 30 years and have the option to pay nearly $300 less.  Sweet.  A bunch of my friends have refinanced, too.

I love finding out new ways to get lower payments.  By divine grace a realized that the girls qualified for super cheap health insurance- that's a saved at least $200!  But with all of these saved payments we'll probably just be putting them (soon enough) to a new car with hubcaps.  Because have I told you?  Poor little minivan is breaking down more than it's running.  Well, not quite true, but it stutters more than it runs.


  1. Way to save, my friend. Hubcaps are over rated.

  2. Re-organizing finances and finding new ways to save is one of the weird little tasks that make my heart sing. Hmmm maybe I'm in the wrong profession.. Wait, never mind, I have no profession... Here's to new hubcaps!

  3. Any tips on the savings of health insurance. We are in insurance hell right now. We pay WAY too much for virtually nothing.