Friday, September 11, 2009

Potato Leek Soup

Sometimes it is difficult to verbalize emotions when you don't exactly know what you're being emotional about. My week, for instance. Tears, insanity. If I weren't 22 days away from child labor, I would ask to be put away for a while. Like an adult time-out.

One way (the only way) I can express my emotions is food. More precisely Potato. Leek. Soup. After pulling myself up by my bootstraps, wiping away the tears, and smoothing my apron, I made the ultimate comfort food (potatoes? butter? soup? need I say more?) and am well on my way.

Let me soothe your worries and tell you how to make this 20 minute soup:

Peel potatoes. (I did a 5 pound bag so I could freeze some soup. Decided instead to have my parents enjoy it with us.) This was a push to use my food processor that I got last Christmas. I don't know why it intimidated me so much. A little brain power saved me a lot of chopping. And I suppose this is the part that mentions how much I LOVE it.
4 leeks(that's how many I was in the mood for. 3? 5? fine.). Chopped. White and light green parts only.
Saute leeks in butter. I know the picture of melting butter in the pot is unnecessary, but it's just so beautiful.
After the leeks are softened, add the potatoes and some broth (I used chicken) just enough to cover the potatoes. Let the potatoes boil until they are soft. Then mash everything in the pot. Or blend it (remember hot liquids expand in a blender). Or use this blender stick/wand thing. I love it, particularly for soups.
Although not entirely necessary, add some cream or milk. I like to use fat free evaporated milk because it gives the illusion of cream, but without the fat. (I actually do care about my fat intake, no matter what my posts or the butter says.)

Add cheese and sour cream if you like it. It is great sans dairy, too.

Try to remember what is was that drove you to insanity. I know! You can't recall.


  1. This looks SO good!!! I'm totally gearing up for soup making season. I NEED a food processor! I borrowed one for some of the things I made for Stephanie's shower and wondered how in the world I have lived without one for so long. (Homemade pie crust in minutes!) Your soup looks amazing. I hope you are feeling better!

  2. Yes, I've heard wonderful things about them, but every time I would take mine out (what i BEGGED for last Christmas) I would totally freak out and put it away again! I'm so excited to do things (like homemade pie crusts). I'm not sure I'll ever grate carrots again~! And I am feeling much better! thank you!

  3. This sounds delish! thanks for sharing!