Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Celebrate September!

There is no better way to celebrate any occasion than by having plans and a goal. So I shall welcome September by doing just that. Bring it.

  • Go on a date with Mr. Incredible. A far too long overdue date, that is. We would both really like to see Julie and Julia. Lunch? Dinner? Dessert? I don't care. Just a date. Alone.Julie & Julia
  • Read the Iliad. My sister and Dad and I have our own 'book club.' We have a list of books that we'd like to read. We don't discuss the books. We figured that there is no better incentive to read classics than by having a book club. Anyone in?
  • Have a simple, but wonderful party for a very special 3 year old. Pizza party in the morning.
  • Go through our bins of newborn baby clothes, put the finish touches on the nursery, pull out the swing, the cloth diapers and the moby. And pack a bag for the hospital.
  • Have this baby?!??! I've been 4 days late for each of my other pregnancies, which means I deserve to go 8 days early this time. september 25th. Stay tuned.
I realize that these are very simple goals for a whole month, but my motto is to keep it realistic. I do not want to be overwhelmed, and of course I can always do extracurriculars.


  1. Darling, that is definitely not a SMALL to do list for a whole month....you included CHILDBIRTH!!!
    I can't wait.....
    And I think, once I get my brain back, I'd like to jump on your book club bandwagon!!

  2. I LOVE that you all have a book club! How wonderful! I'm also looking forward toseeing Julie and Julia. How was it? And I agree with the comment above: hardly a small list! ;-)