Monday, August 31, 2009

Our Favorite Children's Books

An elderly lady at the bookstore came up to the girls and me and asked if her book selection for a two year old was satisfactory. I said (in a much more diplomatic way), "helllz no." She had Goodnight Moon. I know that one is supposed to be a hit, but frankly it creeps me and the girls right out. So, just in case you're looking for some books for tots, here is the best of the best. In my opinion, of course.

This one is a little bit long, but the illustrations can keep one captivated. You might want to relocate to Maine after reading it.

This is the only Olivia book we've read, but the girls are hooked and I get a kick out of it every time. I'll admit, however, that I learned to love it. It is a must-have-inflection-read. I think Eldest is going to be receiving the other Olivia books for her upcoming birthday.

We stumbled across this at the library and was a must buy. Great illustrations, and a tender story. Catch me at a hormonal moment and you might see some eye mist.

Oh, the Llama books. If you haven't read these, you're missing out. Again, they took me a bit to appreciate, and now I really don't mind reading them 4 times a day. Literally.
We will also be purchasing Llama Llama Misses Mama.

I grew up with the My Good Morning and My Good Night Books. They are short, sweet, simple, and the children in the
books look like my children. I'm not biased or anything, though.

I hate to tease you with this one because it is no longer in print. And don't go looking on Ebay for it because my mother already purchased them all. But do make sure to check your local library or garage sales! Sweet as can be.

Garrison Keillor is genius when it comes to story telling. Apparently he does a pretty good job with kids books, too.

Another favorite from growing up. Epitomizes the dreams of motherhood.

And just in case a kid (or mother) has every one of their favorite books and you're stumped for a gift idea, check this out. My sister gave this to me for my birthday; she put two illustrated pages together from Blueberries for Sal and had them mounted and framed. It's currently hanging in my kitchen (since the picture is of mother and Sal canning blueberries). Marvelous idea, huh?
You can find all of the above books (except for A Special Trade) at Amazon.

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