Monday, August 24, 2009

Pillowcase Dress

I did it! ...We did it! Like I had previously mentioned, I had a date with a friend on Thursday to venture into the world of sewing. Sewing pillowcase dresses, more precisely. I am super proud of myself. Sewing mentor/friend? Yes, well, this for her was easy peasy. I mean, really. She sews curtains, knits sweaters, bibs, hats, dishcloths, scarves, socks... I shouldn't have even started listing all these things because I know I'm leaving out so many things that I'm not doing her rightfully deserved justice. So anyway, cutting up an old pillowcase for her I'm sure was not as much as an accomplishment. Still a fun adventure, but didn't turn her children's potential wardrobes up-side-down.

Here is what we did:

Measured child from shoulder to length that we wanted the dress and added two inches for seam allowance. The hem of the pillowcase was to become the hem of the dress, so cut the top of the pillowcase off.

The vertical stitching of the pillowcase becomes the back center seam, so you'll have to iron the newly cut pillowcase so the hem is in the middle, not the side.
Friend made her own template to cut the arm holes. We ended up cutting them more in at an angle so child wasn't swimming with shoulder and back that was too broad. Next time I do this I think I will measure child's chest.
We folded, then ironed, then sewed the seams around the armpit holes and the neck line. Then
folded, ironed and sewed again where the "ribbon" would go through. (If you're interested in knowing the exact measurements, leave a comment and I will reply :) )

With the extra fabric from the pillowcase, friend made our own ribbon for the dress. This ensured sturdiness (as opposed to a flimsy ribbon which we were unsure would hold up in the washing machine). We pulled the "ribbon" through the hems. We also had to take in about 1.5 inches in from each side of the dress. Or else it kinda looked like a wife beater undershirt. ha!

I went to JoAnn's and found an iron on flower, a big button to sew in the middle of it, buttons for the back seam, and great rick rack in three different colors and sizes (which actually match the print of the flower). For the time being I fabric glued the rick rack. In the next week or so I hope to actually stitch it on. ... Did i just confess that I don't really know how to use a sewing machine without supervision? Because that is the true reason.

So here is the sweet, sweet outcome:
two pillowcase dresses
pillowcase dress that I cannot take credit for. This one has PLEATS! I'm still getting past sewing on buttons.
a little bit big, tomorrow I think I'll try it on elder child with some leggings underneath. (Especially since she has been begging me to let her wear it)
I'm still planning on making at least one more. Will keep you posted :)

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  1. So lovely! Really nice job. And what toy is cuter than that little shopping cart? Love it! PS: Watch your mailbox. (Hint: not *pillowcase* dresses, but something I hope the Misses Daisy will enjoy.)