Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Black Floors

My most recent obsession is ebony wood floors. We haven't started decorating either the living or dining rooms yet (we just moved here in April) and I think that the floors would be a good place to start. I don't just want dark floors, I want black floors. My first idea was to just paint them black. Mr. Incredible wasn't as fond of the idea as I was. Actually he just might've thought it was kinda dumb. I hadn't consider staining. He ith tho thmart.

Here are the floors we have now (I never said they were bad...)
and wouldn't black floors look great with that shag rug?

This picture is close to my liking, but is still more brown than black.

I love this floor, although the picture doesn't offer very much of it to enjoy.

O at Home

Word on the street is that the darker your floor, the more cleaning. 3 words:
I. ain't. scared.

Not only do I just want the black floors, I also want to turn our living room into a library.
Stay tuned, I'll keep you posted on all of my above dreams. I guess I'd better start doing some research.

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