Monday, August 17, 2009


It's official, folks. I am ready for fall. I cannot tell you why, especially since I am one to embrace each season (for however long it lasts). What I can tell you is everything about me is screaming "autumn!" For instance, as I'm sitting here typing, I am wearing sweatpants. Heavy sweatpants. That I purchased last winter. It's 88% humidity and 77 degrees. And we don't have air conditioning.
Another dead giveaway is menu planning. Beef Stroganoff (made with sirloin strips) on top of egg noodles (I feel it is my obligation to say that the sirloin strips were clearance meat). Oriental chicken in sauce on top of rice. Oatmeal. Chowder is in my near future. I am visiting my favorite blog again. And the speed that Ol' Faithful is gaining is alarming. Product Image
Still need more convincing? Today I wore Covet by Sarah Jessica Parker. If you are unaware, it is like a spicy hot chocolate. Will- warm- you- up- while- pumpkin- picking sort of fragrance. Beautifully delicious. Here is a cheap(er) sample, just in case you don't trust me.
Lastly, visions of apple bushels and handmade halloween costumes are dancing through my head. I have a date on Thursday to open up my sewing machine to make a few pillowcase dresses! I'll keep you posted. And as long as everything goes well hopefully I can get around to making two costumes like this Etsy one. So cute.

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