Monday, August 10, 2009

This'll Take Some Getting Used To

Have I read any sort of manual on how to blog? No.
Have I been reading other's blogs for a substantial enough amount of time? Probably not.
Do I know what I am doing? No.
Why am I blogging? For a more fun and accountable way to record the best days of my life.
Am I intimidated? Yes, especially since my blog audience as of now is two editors.
Did I lose at least 2 weeks of blog time agonizing over a 'perfect' name? Yes.
How did I come up with the name 'Imperfect Daisies?' Daisies are cheerful, beautiful and can be elegant or simple. But that sho don't mean they're exotic.

Speaking of imperfection, we had our housewarming party yesterday! I am proud to say that not one room in the house is complete (is it ever?). Our week included a terrible bout of the flu which sent me to the hospital. Then some crazy weather. The chicken was drier than I hoped for, and the party had bookends of thunderstorms. And the party was nothing but glorious.

Okay, I know. It doesn't look like much of a party going on. There was though! We had a LOT of people. But don't you have to get people's permission before posting their pictures on the internet? I guess I should've taken pictures of the food or the flowers or muddy shoes. I wasn't really expecting to start the blog today, though. Progress, not perfection.


  1. All of a sudden I feel a lot of pressure to make this (your first comment) something that people will want to read. LOL -- Okay, I've let go of that. Onward...
    #1: Love the blog name. We're all imperfect daisies!
    #2: Cute pictures, especially of Daisy #1 and Daisy #2.
    #3: Funny how you found a way to get a picture that includes me in your first post.
    #4: Great housewarming party!
    #5: Wish you a wonderful blogging adventure!
    Love always

  2. It was a perfect gathering....and that chicken is still great two days later-- Both of my children and I ate it for dinner last night!

  3. "Progress, not perfection." Love it!
    I'm excited to keep up with you and the Misses Daisies through your little blog here. You're off to an awesome start.
    Love you!