Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Girl's Room

If anyone has experiences like I do at Kohl's, then I will feel good to know that I am not the only one who comes back $100 dollars poorer. Nearly every time I go there.
Yesterday we went in search of some new shorts for my better half. I also wanted to find hand mechanics for a clock that I plan to paint on our family room wall (thanks, Martha Stewart.)
Shorts- check
Hand mechanics- check, sort of.
Outfits for my bean sprout girls- check.
Beach towels- check.
Everything was at least 70% off. You can stop shaking your heads at the computer now.
Anyways, the hand mechanics (is that what they're even called?!) that I did find were less appropriate for a family room wall, and more appropriate for a little girls room. I did need a clock for their room anyway. Perfect! I had three spots on their walls to choose from:

Why can't I get these pictures to rotate? Imaginations, people, imaginations.

I chose the last option. Since I was being an accidental perfectionist, this took me about an hour. It should've taken no more than 30 minutes. Especially since the numbers and characters are little adhesives. Not like I painted them myself.

Better view:

Did I mention that this fine piece of wall work was from $50 down to $10. That's right.

After much adhering induced perspiration, we decided to head off to a wading pool with Jen & co. We waded, we pushed swings. We ate a donut and called it a day. I called it a good day.

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