Sunday, August 16, 2009

Because I Don't Pay Full Price Doesn't Make Me Cheap

I think it's high time to shine my true colors: Hello, my name is Kiera and I am a garage saler. I'm well aware that it runs in my family. I do not take my condition lightly, however I am determined to not become one of those garage salers.
N0w let's get down to it and show you this weekend's finds.

This baby was $3.00:
I've never prided myself as a photographer, so I am so deeply sorry that I can not do this beautiful high chair justice.

This tablecloth was $1.75. Fits our table perfectly and is a great way to send off summer. I am not unwilling to bid summer farewell.

Since you are unable to tell by the picture, this bowl is a serving sized bowl. Great to put some rice or mashed potatoes in for a family style meal. And made in Japan (which in my mind tells me it's dishwasher safe. I'm not sure of the logic.) oh, $1.00.

I have a few other all time favorites, mostly from last summer and the summer before (this summer has been less than stimulating in terms of garage sales). Let me share (brag?):

I paid 50 whoppers for this one. However. I'd been eyeing a rocker/glider with ottoman for over three years. I didn't want to drop a lot of money on one, and knew that I wanted it to be well made. This little beauty was hand crafted from a specialty shop in Canada. And the previous owners paid some mega bucks. All I want to do is recover the cushions within the next 7 weeks.

This chair is similar to this one at Raymour and Flanigan that is now retailing for $299.95. The woman I bought this from said she paid $279 two years ago. I bought it for $18.00. I can't wait to decorate our living room.

This is a beautiful (and huge) Lee Reynolds oil painting that I found at a garage sale last year. It was labeled 'best offer.' I kept seeing people discuss what they thought they should offer, and walk away, probably because it was intimidating and overwhelming to try to name a price without offending. I wasn't afraid to offend. I figured the family just wanted it gone. So I said $20. And the woman said, "sure." And people's jaw dropped.

This little end table was $3.00. I have hopes to repaint it, but even if I don't get around to it for a while, it is cute as is. I love daisies.

This headboard was $10.00! It is really well built, but needed a paint job. So I painted it. And a dresser to match in the girls' room. And I think it looks spectac. If I do say so myself.

Again, sorry about some shotty photography. The last 4 pictures I took in the pitch black of night. Yoinks.

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