Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Admiring Our Work

I super, really, oh-so-badly want to try to blog at least 5 times a week. Some days blogging is super, really, oh-so-difficult. So what if I didn't do anything worth noting? I could tell you about the bacon and spinach frittata that I prepared for dinner today. But it wasn't that pretty, and I don't think it would be anything to write home about... or blog about, for that matter.
I could also tell you about the playground today, and how Eldest learned how to go down a fire pole, and Younger belly flopped off of a very spinny tire swing, but that's not quite an attention grabber. It does make for good discussion over that bacon and spinach frittata, however.
Blog Inspiration for today: Yesterday I frantically called my mom begging her to give me the secret to blood stains. (18 month old bloody lip will ruin your new maternity shirt every time.) She calmly said, "hydrogen peroxide. Let it bubble, rinse it, hydrogen peroxide again. Repeat. Wash." My mom can and will conquer all of your laundry woes. I went to her house today in high hopes that I could get all of her other laundry miracle working secrets out of her. Collectively we did not do well under pressure. She said, "Spray 'n' Wash and a toothbrush." I said, "no pressure, no pressure." She said, "club soda gets nearly any stain out of carpet....." And that was that. That is why writing is a journey. I have to jot down her little secrets as they come. I'm still learning. Aren't we all?
So as the evening came and went, and I was left with nothing, I decided this was a good opportunity to admire my pre blog work.

This is our family room when we first saw our house:

!!! Not quite our taste

Just a tad of wall paper stripping

And a smidgen of puttying

Then some painting. ahhh. sigh of relief

On this wall I would like to do this with these frames. When I can drop $150 on frames.

Was that a bit long winded?

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