Friday, November 20, 2009

Exciting News

Color me crazy, friends. I'm am losing my head with sleepless nights and a messy house. I'm barely keeping it together. I'mstartingajointblog. ach. I said it. TBD when, still, I am starting a blog with her. Want to know the best part of this? We've only met once. And then became facebook friends. And now we're going to start a blog. ok, ok. I stalked her. Whatev. I'm so excited.
Mother of Pearl Button Buffalo

Stay tuned, because I can't tell ya much more.

BTW: Aren't those buffalos awesome?!


  1. Is this in your home? It's so pretty and calm:)

  2. This is in Liz's (my future co-blogger) home! thank you for checkin me out!