Monday, November 30, 2009

Save Money During the Holidays (1, 2:27) Advent Edition

My friend and I are putting together some "holiday morsels." (k, actually she started it, I joined in.) I'll post two today since yesterday was advent and (clearly) I did not give our first Christmas advice morsel. Expect one for the next 25 days. And/or until I figure out how to make GOOGLE WORK. Please pardon this billion dollar corporation's interruption:

This is Christmas shopping advice morsel 1 of 27: Browse deals, not people. In other words, find good deals and make them match people you know. Saving money is more important than saving friendships.

Morsel 2 of 27: While shopping in the Holiday season, the express lines are flexible up to a 40% increase. In other words, if you are entering a 15 items or less line, it really means you can get through with 15 * .40 items, or 21 items. 7 or less? 9.8 items. Basic stuff, folks.

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