Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm Being Accepted into Blogosphere (I think?)

Any of you bloggers out there know that any comment is a good comment. Even if it is a criticism. It means that people know you exist. In a weird, inexplicable, virtual way. That being said, thank you to my wonderful friend(s?) and family who do comment. It's like seeing that you have facebook notifications, magnified by 100.

So really, I've been floating on cloud 9 for a few days now because I received two comments from people that I don't even know. For real. First comment from virtual acquaintance is particularly exciting for me because her blog is literally bookmarked and accessible every time I go on the internet. Marvelous Kiddo. Thanks, Leigh, for giving me a drug free high.

Second virtual acquaintance is Kat, from Kats Corner. I checked out her blog and I love! It's filled with beautiful pictures, crafts ideas, and scrap booking creativity. Actually, Kat's blog has given me a great homemade gift idea that I am so excited to start working on. (I'm not at liberty to say which idea it is because a certain reader just may be reading this).

So anyway, friends. Thanks to everyone who comments, and everyone else who doesn't. It is so motivating to keep it up.

I'm a firm believer in blogging with picture. However, I still can't quite get pictures off the internet like I had hoped. So here's so November Lovin'.

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