Monday, November 16, 2009

If I Worked

There are some things that I think I could do pretty well, but there are some things that I knowI could be good at. There are also those things that I know I will never be capable of. Like painting on canvas. Unless abstract, of course. Sometimes I get a little sad that I'm not gifted in that sort of way.

Things that I know I'd be good at and would LOVE to do would be:

1) Name shoes. Or cars. I know exactly what a pair of shoes looks like that could be named Janice or Nicole or Sophia. Or Ruby, Gwendelyn, Kiera. It would be so delightful! (Couldn't the above shoes be Josie?)

2) Name paint colors. Martha Stewart does a great job with this. Maine Morning. Vintage Kitchen. ( I think i want to paint my kitchen this color.) Fishing Line. She (employs someone who?) names so precisely. So. Precisely. (Above is Vintage Kitchen from My Perfect Color.

3) Work at a candle company. Or a soap factory. Somewhere that works with good smells. I have a wicked good olfactory sense. I would put a few basic smells together to create all sorts of delicious scents. And of course, I would name them.

Friends, what would your ideal (something you love and be good at) job be?

1 comment:

  1. Today? Today I would say: be a potter. I would love to work with clay all day- so soothing!