Monday, November 23, 2009


Tell me please. Who doesn't love HGTV? And guess what? They are coming to my county, and casting for young families. !!! So guess how we're spending a chunk of our day? Taking family photos outside of our house, of course. I can barely stand it.

They are casting for a Holiday "Battle on the Block." 6 participating families will decorate the outside of their house in competition for the title 'Best Holiday House.'

If we are selected, and even if we're not (we're first time home owners- we've never decorated the outside of our house for Christmas) I'll need your help and suggestions, friends! Do you have any ideas for not over-the-top, tasteful holiday decorating? Please share. (please!)
Outdoor Lighting: Winter Fence

did i over do it with the italics? i'm so excited i don't care.


  1. how bout you show us some pictures of the front of your house. what looks good on some doesn't quite translate on others b/c of the style of the home. Like those candles in the window...totally cute but you have to have enough windows and ideally symetrical to make it work. so show us the pics;)

  2. Helllo, the only thing we do at our house is the huge tree next to the drive way and the gutter around the front of the house. Last year we did blue and white lights and it looked amazing. Maybe try playing with the color of the lights. And all the different types of lights they have out right now is cool to.

  3. ! That is exactly my cup of tea- I'm just wondering if hgtv would be like- that's it?

  4. Hey, after reading your blog it made me think you would really enjoy reading Martinis or Diaper Genies. She's hilarious and very entertaining. I also thought of something else, I don't know if you have part of your house that doesn't have windows, but the light up stars, like the big ones are really pretty:)