Monday, November 30, 2009

Give This a Whirl

Let's see if I single handedly defeated google:

These are the curtains I want for my dining room (of course they don't have the length I need).  I don't know what colors to paint the walls.  (We have crown moulding and a chair rail, so I'm thinking two toned.)  Mr. Incredible tells me to decorate as my heart desires.  Until he sees my curtain selection.  

Dupioni Silk Drape, 50 x 63" Tie-Top, Dark Amber
These are the curtains he likes (cept he like them in blueish silver).  I can deal if I can have them in this color.  Mostly because I want a cold room- maybe gray and/or peacock blue.  But I do want something warm in the room.  

I'm a bit on edge about this whole ordeal because my Mother in Law is coming on Friday to paint the dining room.  I have to choose by Friday.  Help me you design savvy people!  Help!  Opinions on curtains, colors, decor!  helllllppp meeeeee

booya google.  i destroyed you and now i will do as i please


  1. i like those gold toned curtains if you are thinking about painting the room a peacock blue. heck, they would even work with grey if you wanted. you already have a more casual breakfast nook and since your dining room furniture is a bit more on the formal side (relaxed formal ;) i would go with a curtain like dresses up the room a bit.

  2. i was thinking maybe the peacock blue (or something similar) on the bottom and a dark grey on the top. but i'm a total visual person aka im going to be sampling paints on my walls all week. i don't know if that would be too dark for the dining room... ahhhhhhhh

  3. well its a small dining room so you might want to stay away from making it too dark so it doesn't feel closed in. i have repainted almost every room in this house twice, sometimes even 3 times, and the one thing i have learned is, spend the money, buy a quart of the color you are thinking and try it out on a big piece of wall and see how it looks with the natural lighting and at nighttime. its worth the extra $, saves you time painting the room a color you hate and is the only way to really get a feel for it. have you seen liz's house yet? totally inspires me to do some different things ;)

  4. that is way too open ended for someone who needs to have her dining room chosen by FRIDAY. !

  5. welp, you've been thinking about that blue for awhile so just do it!