Saturday, March 13, 2010

Everyone loves a bathing suit fiasco story

I'm really not the hoarding type of person, but when I was younger (like 5th grade) my grandmother gave me one of her bathing suits.  Now this is not your typical gramma bathing suits.  My grandmother was glam con cigarettes all the time.  Love the feathas type.  Even towards the end when she was oxygen she would look women up and down.

I love love love my Grandmother.

So today when we were getting ready to go to our local indoor pool (for all of you who were in shock the last time I mentioned a pool in the winter) I decided I didn't want to wear my old old suit (yellow Victoria's Secret bikini circa 2002)((I don't wear it aymore))(((actually that's what I wore instead of a maternity bathing suit)))((((I got looks all. the. time.)))), my old bathing suit (last summer green tankini.  MOM SUIT), new suit (Athleta brown not sure if it fits yet one piece).  I wanted to try on my grandmother's very Juicy Couture-ish black glam bathing suit.  20 years old?  30? 40? 50?  No joke.  It very well could be 50 years old.  Looks like this, only black with spaghetti straps (via Design Mom).

So I put it on, which in itself is a mini triumph because my Grandma was PEEEE tite.

Mr Incredible:  awesome suit.  Is that your new one?
me:  no, it was my Grandma W's.
him: no really, is that the one that just came?  I love it.
me:  no really, it was my grandma's
him: okay (rolls eyes) where did you get it then?
me: the bin from my parent's basement
him: you can tell me you bought another bathing suit, I won't mind
me: I SWEAR ON MY GRANDMOTHER'S SOUL  it was hers and now it's mine.  circa 1950.
him, feeling the material: they didn't make bathing suit material like this back then.
me: ok.  It was my grandmother's bathing suit.

So off we trot to the pool. I understand now that I should've realized that my grandmother was not athletic.  She loved fashion, she loved her smokes, and she loved looking good.  I probably should not have swam laps in this leisure suit of sorts, but alas!  I swam laps, talked to the guy next to me, waved frantically at my kids in the kiddie pool.  WITH THE HEADLIGHTS ON.  AND OUT.  true story the end.


  1. OH NO!!! Well I bet the guy you talked to didn't mind one bit.
    It still sounds like a great bathing suit even if it is totally fashion over function.

  2. PS. I puffy heart your new layout!

  3. OOPS! Oh, that was funny! I had a similar experience in my early 20s when I bought a pretty yellow swimsuit. First day at the public pool, I jumped in the water, got out and realized it DESPERATELY needed a LINING!!!

    Ah, live and learn, I guess!

  4. Awesome!! I had this happen during a dance competition in high school, I made everyone I know burn the tapes. Sadly it's not even my most embarrassing High School moment

  5. ROFL! How awesome that you have your grandmothers bathing suit!

  6. omg, i LOVE it! i bet people were totally loving the show you were giving!

  7. Love it. Love it even more that no one bothered to tell you.

  8. WHAT!?! At the aquatic center??? Really? You have got to be kidding!!!

  9. Nice...thanks for the heads up kids.

  10. I love that you have her suit, but I am blushing for you! OMG!

  11. EEK! I would've been so embarrassed! Haha!