Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Why Am I Doing a Giveaway?

Good question.  I'm doing a giveaway because I feel like it.  I always thought it would be fun to do a giveaway.  Finally I put a little effort into it and it's happening!

But my excuse for the giveaway?  Well, it's Mr Incredible's birthday on Thursday.  Since I have no idea what to get him, I thought I would give my favorite virtual people ever a gift instead.  Oh, AND my birthday is in April.  So how fun will April be?  You betcha.  April showers (of gifts) bring May flowers (of your eternal love for me because I only host the COOLEST giveaways in town.)  

While you eagerly wait for April 1st (promise I won't fool you on the winner of the giveaway) I have to fill up the displayed posts with jibber jabber.  Why? (geez, you're all so full of whys)   Because I announced (for about 4 minutes) on MY facebook page that I have a blog AND left the link.  (I only invited certain real life facebook friends people to the Imp Dais' facebook fan page.)(Take note- Mr Incredible is a fan)(take note- he still has yet to comment.)
So anyway- Why is this a problem?  Because 1) I'm now in a very vulnerable position because now all my ex friends and ex boyfriends can read all my thoughts and letters to YOU, virtual friends. And more importantly 2) My p90freakinx pictures are slapping you in the face as soon as you enter my blog.  As if reading my thoughts are bad enough, they can see my Britney posed celeb shot THEN my tank top rolled up to show you that I've lost 10 pounds.  And may be getting abs, thankssomuchTony.  

Sorry I've been a wee snarky lately.  I'm actually really thrilled that more people are reading.  I just won't admit because I'M INSECURE.  there I said it.   

and don't forget to enter the giveaway


  1. LOL at the last paragraph. don't worry...i'm a little insecure at times too :)

  2. Scary to put yourself out there huh? Especially to people who really know you in real life, huh? I have a link to my blog on my FB page, but I don't advertise it - and I guess that's probably the reason why. Very interesting.

    I heart giveaways. I'm just sayin.

  3. You didn't tell me you were an April bday too?!?!?! Very disappointed :) Are you going to tell us when or is that going to remain a secret too? Maybe I'll contact Mr. Incredible through your FB page to find out. Ohhh the doors FB opens!

    P.S. putting my blog link on my personal FB page means no posting about the Boss Lady or my crushes which sucks, but probably keeps me out of trouble

  4. Good for you for putting your blog out there! I am way scared to put my blog on my personal facebook.

  5. i'm way more insecure than most people think. it's kind of embarrassing actually.

    two days after i linked my blog up to my fb page, my mil asked me to be her friend. geez--i don't talk about inlaws on my blog, but suddenly i feel i am fueling her with ammo.

  6. I actually don't know ANYONE IRL who is in an April birthday. You're my birthday virgin! How exciting!! I have yet to link my FB and my blog. As Seinfeld says...too much worlds colliding for me. But you are a BRAVE one, Kiera. 1/2 naked shots of you as soon as you enter...what would your mother say?? ;) Hehehe...that's awesome!!

  7. i love that we get a gift for mr. incredible and your birthdays <3

    also, i didn't comment on that post (i have been dying a slow death by tax returns so i have not been leaving nearly enough love around the blogoshpere) but anywho- you are doing ah-may-zing lady!!!! keep up the good work! :)you should be proud to let everyone see those pics- you are working hard and you deserve everyone's praises!!

  8. I have to say that I admire you for putting yourself out there like that. I haven't connected with anyone on facebook. I ran from classmates.com too when it was around.