Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What's black and red and all over my house?

Oh, just the bane of my existence.  Called ladybugs.  Everywhere.

If you think this is cute, or funny, or you're just apathetic, you're wrong wrong wrong.  And I think you need to go to therapy because that is MESSED up if you don't mind ladybugs crawling everywhere.  I'll tell you where they are-  they're on the chair I'm sitting in and they're on our backdoor and windows and walls walls walls (sorry if this is turning into a children's book book book)

I've always hated bugs.  Any. sort. of. bug.  But imagine the day that I found out that not only do ladybugs crawl around and have antennae, but they FLY too?  That took away the 9% in me that might've been able to stand them.

And THEN imagine me in high school wondering why it was so dark in the hallways, just to realize that it was because ladybugs were infesting the windows to such a degree that it wouldn't let light in.  Sick Sick Sick.

To make matters that much worse, imagine having three girls (one of which does not care) and the other two scared of the damn insects and wanting ME to take care of the problem.  I'm not sure what's worse- having bugs around or trying to smush them.

"I don't want the ladybugs to get me"
"ladybugs won't get you"
"I sceered of ladybugs"
"No reason to be scared of ladybu... EEHHAHHHHHHHH!" as a ladybug flies towards my face.

what's the secret to ridding these nasty (but cute looking) creatures?

eh, at least they're not centipedes.

i won't disgrace you with a nasty picture. 


  1. One lady bug is cute 100 are scary and gross.

  2. I have no idea.
    One time I was taking a shower and found a FROG in the shower! I ran out naked...yep, outside naked was way better than inside with a frog.

  3. We don't get lady bugs, we get wasp.
    Solution: Vacuum Cleaner with a long hose.
    Bonus: Thruuump sound made by bugs sucked into the abyss.

  4. we get them every spring in our bedroom of all places. i find them all over the window sill and on the floor. gross. cuteness only gets you so far. bugs are bugs--they might as well be roaches.

    actually, no. roaches scare the shiz out of me.

  5. how creepy this truly is depends on how many lady bugs there are. we've consistently had 1 or 2 in the house since the fall, but catherine looooves them (even though their already half-dead and always kick the bucket by the end of the day). I can handle that, but if were talking like mass amounts, thats just gross!

  6. Wow. Generally I think lady bugs are cute, but maybe not to this extent. I have no idea what to do but I'll vote for the vaccuume idea! I can imagine that the sound is fairly satisfying. Of course if you have a bagless then you might be SOL.

  7. i don't know how to stop them,but i am sure i will have a nightmare about this now.

  8. You are so funny! Any sort of bugs are grossness...even if people present them in a cute front cover of a notebook kind of way!
    P.S. You are my favorite for being the ONLY one who noticed that I said "local sports and racket club".....I think I love you! :)

  9. My mom always told us not to kill lady bugs in the house because they are good luck. But that's when there's like one. Not many and certainly not flying at your face! My brother had this problem and actually called an exterminator. There is some kind of spray that kills them and something they put around the doors and windows to keep them from coming in.

  10. It's better than flies...we have a lot of fliers right now and it's super gross. We think there is something dead in one of our vents.

  11. Everytime I hear about a story about Lady Bugs taking over I think of my Junior year of college - first time living away from home and moving to a school (I always commuted or did Community college) anyway - we had an outbreak which is apparently common. At first I tried to save them all in zip lock bags and set them free out the window. The it dawned on me they would just fly back in and even though it hurt me a bit to do it, I started smashing them and killing them. This went on for a good month. I never thought of them the same EVER again.

    The last outbreak we had recently down here in Alabama for me was carpenter bees - they were all about our untreated porch. They came in huge numbers. As soon as I found out they don't really attack or sting it was WAR against them!


  12. I knew someone who had to move out of their house while the ladybugs were in town. They had so many, it looked like their ceiling was moving!

  13. I can take ladybugs. As long as the flying thing doesn't have a stinger, I'm alright.

  14. We don't have much of a lady bug problem. Ours is freaking ants in the kitchen. UGH.