Wednesday, March 17, 2010

O'No She Di'n't

Warning:  This may be one of the most obnoxious posts yet.  And because it's 5 o'clock somewhere I can do what I want.  I do what I want.  Watch me interview myself, and judge me.

Me: Is it true that you've already accomplished Bailey's in coffee, the zoo, an Irish festival that included Corned Beef and Guiness?
O'Me: O'Yes it is
Me: And rumor has it that Irish Cream Brownies are baking as we speak in the oven
O'Me: O'HellzYes
Me: Why wouldn't Mr O'Incredible let you have a car bomb at the Irish festival?
O'Me:  The practical side o' him said it was only 12 in the afternoon.  I translated that as, "You already have a car bomb brewing in your tummy."

Me:  How come you let Mr O'Incredible buy that $20 shirt and mug that has zero relevance to life?
O'Me: Irish are generally irresponsible particularly after a drink or three
Me: You wouldn't really let your kids drink Bailey's- or would you?
O'Me: I don't share.
Me: Did you bring more flashback pictures from your Irish Dancing days?
O'Me: O'No I forgot.  Stay tuned.  If they're not up by tonight it's because I fell O'sleep.  They'll be up in the morning, latest.

O'Yes I realize that the Bailey's is in place of my third child.  Sorry, third child.


  1. Hilarious. Thanks for a good laugh!

  2. LOL!
    Your girls are ADORRRRABLE!!!! I have yet to try Bailey's!

  3. MMMmmmmm Bailey's. I may have to break my no coffee if it's not morning rule now.

    It sure is going to be a bitch getting up at 4:30 tomorrow.

  4. this was like the best thing evah. loved it. you should interview yourself like once a month of something.
    although i am jealous i didn't think of this myself.

  5. p.s. you also look very pretty with your baileys bottle.

  6. pathetic herzog! no wonder why johanna likes to hang out with you so much ;)

  7. I love it! Baileys is fun for the whole family.

  8. This is hilarious! Now I'm thirsty...

  9. That was funny :) & I LOVE Bailey's. I like to drink it while putting up the Christmas

  10. O'Kiera...that could be the best post I've read in a looog time. I peed o'little. And snorted. O'Bailey's goes down SOOO smooth and eases the Irish car bomb o'rumbling in your tummy. Sweet dreams o'friend of mine!

  11. Looking at alcohol today isn't sitting too well, I have no idea why that is. Your kids are freakin' adorable btw!

  12. I for one, love that you interviewed yourself! I thought I was the only one who did this? Once again, we are a match made in blogger heaven! P.S. Me guest posting? Yes, I'm loving this idea!

  13. I'm laughing so much at this. I needed a laugh tonight!

  14. Too funny...ever try Irish cream cheese cake? Now that, my friend, is amazing! :)