Saturday, March 27, 2010


AHHH spring time:

  • decluttering
  • cleaning screens
  • wiping of nose smudges
  • going through clothes
  • giving tons away
  • airing out rooms
  • shaking out rugs
  • putting away vanilla scents
  • taking out lavendar
  • buying new vacuum bags
  • making grilled pizzas
  • Tom Petty
... those are on my to do list, anyway.

I can honestly say I've done 5 of the 12.  Not bad.

Oh, and cleaning out the car.  like whoa.


  1. yipeee!!! This is my plan for today too!!!!!!!! Now i'm really excited. just need my coffee and then i'm off!

  2. That's a long list. I'm not feeling very motivated. How did you manage to already get 5 of those things done?!?!

  3. I need to Spring Clean so bad...all of my closets especially. Good for you for getting it done!

  4. Yes to all that!! Except I've only written them down....

    I'm trying to find the motivation to do them!

  5. are 3 of those 5 things you got done tom petty, candle switch and grilled pizzas??? just a guess ;)

  6. Impressive...Spring cleaning is the only cleaning I like...well not so much the cleaning part...just the spring!

  7. That is not the most unmanagable list I've ever seen. We did a lot of that stuff last weekend. The cleaning the cars thing? Yeah, I should have done that ages ago. It was like Christmas under the seats!! And grilled pizza!! YUMS!!! I made BBQ chicken pizza for dinner last night. It never lasts long around these parts. Good luck with the cleaning. And take a Claritin. If you have our problem, this only gets done about once a year and boy oh boy...the DUST!!! ;)

  8. I cleaned out my car this weekend too! :)
    I hope that Tom Petty is one of those 5 things you've accomplished already.

  9. I need to do most of those things. But I need to have a day at home first too!

  10. i did a few of those things the weekend before last. this weekend was not so spring like, so i didn't feel so cleaning like.
    thank you for re-motivating me to finish though!

  11. I want to do a grilled pizza too! I think it would be so cool - and it looks really easy!

  12. My favorite part: Switch the smells....I just did that too!!!

  13. Well done - I did this the other weekend and you're right it feels so good. I love that you said "Put away vanilla" I did the same. I had a darn candle from Christmas out as well which was odd - it was pine scented but I have NO idea why I didn't pack it with the rest of the holiday stuff months ago.

    Grilled pizza? DROOL!

  14. I really hate the cleaning of the screens!!!!!

  15. Maybe it's time for me to make a spring cleaning to do list. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. clearing out the car is quite seriously a 'like whoa' experience. i'd almost rather just buy a new one. *sigh*