Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The clothesline opinions were inspiring

I was totally diggin' that you guys had an opinion on clotheslines yesterday, and diggin' even more that Team Kiera prevailed.  As always.  You people really showed me that you care about my clothes (or something)

Tomorrow I'll be linking up my blog to What I Wore Wednesday.  What I was supposed to do was take pictures of what I wore every day that week, then I'll display it every Wednesday.  I think I took two or three outfits.  I forgot the other days or maybe was in my pajamas most of the day.  Oops.  What I don't want to happen is me looking like a goofy ol faux pas, so I am employing your help.  Again.  Opinions.    Remember, I won't be sad or mad or happy no matter what you say about this outfit.  I'll either keep, or I won't.  It's either cute, or it's really not.  I've owned it now for two years and have never worn it.
 I'm not going to tell you where it's from because I don't want you to be biased. 
Maybe I'll cut off the puff sleeves and make it sleeveless.
Who am I kidding, unless my mom does it for me, it'll never happen.
Sparks aren't flying like I'd expected between me and my sewing machine.
One more thing, if I do wear it ever, it'll be ironed.
Does it make my legs look fat?
You don't have to answer that.  But if you want to say something like, "cut out the chocolate, fatty"
 Last last thing: I didn't wear it today because it's totally not nursing accessible.  It'd be to wear out on a date with Mr Inc, not for a playdate.  

I realize that out of every square foot of property I live on, I had to take it in front of my 1:2 missing hubcaps.  I'm okay with that.


  1. Hmmm. I'm trying to figure out how I feel about it. I think it's the colors that are turning my off. I like the empire waist look to it though.

    And girl, give yourself a pedicure! Those shoes are cute, you need cute toesies in them.

  2. Did you seriously just ask if your legs look fat? I'll be there in a few minutes to smack you. (No you are skinny like a rail.)

    Strangely enough, I kind of love it. I'm a little meh on yellow, but otherwise it looks like something I'd wear.

  3. It looks precious on you, but I probably wouldn't wear it like that because my little fat legs would look atrocious in leggings.

  4. I have something very similar to this. I don't really like the puffy sleevies, cuz my chunky arms would only look chunkier in them....
    but besides that I like it.

  5. I think it looks cute on you but I'm not sure I would ever be able to pull off the color! I love the leggings with the buttons on the bottom of the legs.

  6. Apparently, I am the only one who puffy heart loves this, but I'm OK with that. I think the yellow is super fun for spring/summer and I'm a puffy-sleeve freak..but only because I think they make MY arms look smaller. And I love the details of puffy sleeves. I would probably go with a wedge-less shoe. If you could find a cute strappy brown or, gasp, yellow sandal...or even an white...and good heavens woman, get yourself a pedi. Even if you do it yourself on the edge of the bathtub.

    But sometimes I wear my husband's white tshirt and my sister's ex-boyfriend's boxers all day...so maybe not listen to me.

  7. i think it looks super cute and you need to tell me where its from! but if you wore it today, not quite sure how you survived in leggings because it was HOT out! i think yellow looks great on you and you look super skinny :)

  8. I like that outfit!....and I'm not just like saying that because I am nice...because I'm not (JK, I am America's Sweetheart, duh)... It super sparkles and cute

  9. Looks so cute on you. Chocolate is always yummy. And no you do not look fat in it.

  10. I really happen to like it! Love the yellow and brown... it looks good on you. And I love the empire waist too. The sleeveless option is a good suggestion if you really don't like the sleeves, but I think they're fine.

  11. And the only other suggestion I have is maybe different shoes. Dark brown shoes instead of the light brown. They would complete the outfit.