Thursday, May 6, 2010

I won't talk about stupid blogger anymore. at least not right now.

For my birthday/ mother's day, Mr Incredible decided on getting me a sick camera for me.  He's letting me choose which one, which is a badgood idea.  I have complete cold feet from it because they are so expensive and I'm overwhelmed.  Because I know me, it'll probably be another year.  or three.

I was on the phone this morning talking to my friend about it when the doorbell rang.  It was literally like a bad tv show how perfectly it worked out.  In the mail was this:
24 Hand-Dipped Fancy Berries
I thought that the box was from a giveaway I'd one with some ghetto Sherrie's Berries packaging (not that the giveaway I won was ghetto, or that Sherries Berries is ghetto, just all of it summed up together), but alas! it was not.  There were true sherrie's chocolate covered berries in the box!  

At this point I thought it was surely from his grandmother or mom, because they're cool like that and are always on top of holidays.  Wrong again!
cory= Mr Incredible, just incase that threw you off.  
If you're thinking that's nice and cute and wonderful but my husband/significant other does this on a weekly basis, think again.  I want to say something like this has NEVER happened, but I'll be safer with very rarely.  He's just not into the mushy gushy stuff and that's cool.  Most of the time.  This made me so happy I was literally almost speechless.  I felt like I should cry, but I didn't, mostly because I don't cry happysad tears.
I know you're wondering, what can you take from this post?
  1. I have very little happysad emotion in me
  2. Saving $40 on shipping charges to have it come three days early will win my heart over doubly.  I love saving money, Mr Incredible not so much.  So that right there spelled l-o-v-e
  3. Those last five pounds can wait
  4. You have it right there in writing: I am the Best Mother Ever
One last thing: Let's just clear the air.  It's not that Mr Incredible isn't lovey dovey, it's that he is painfully practical.  Less Shakespeare, more Bob the Builder.  Not in terms of learning levels, though.


  1. ummm, so kiera, lets hang out soon, before you eat all those chocolates w/o me ;)

  2. ooo those look yummy. hope you have a lovely mother's day!

  3. aww I am so happy for you! looks gorgeous! I've wanted a fancy camera for years, but still haven't got around to getting one, so can't give any advice...good luck chosing one though and I hope for you that it doesn't take another year. Or three ;)

  4. Happy early Mother's Day! What a sweet hubby you have. Those look so delish!

  5. That is SO SWEET. What a great hubby you have. Big points for Mr. Incredible!!

  6. Add chocolate covered strawberries to our list! And Mr. Incredible/your kids are the bestest :)

  7. Yum. Have you made any progress on the camera thing? Keep me posted on that. Were going to get one in the next few weeks before the munchkin comes so that we can take great pictures and videos, too. It kills me how expensive they are, but we finally decided that after 11 months of marriage, the birth of our child was worthy of making a first big "family investment". We haven't bought so much as a bookshelf together.

  8. Mr Incredible is incredible! lovvvve the camera!!!