Thursday, May 20, 2010

We must rise as a nation and send them to meredith.

I'm stealing these family photos from her to make sure more people can appreciate this.  Because I'm crying laughing and beer literally just came out of my nose looking at these.  Meredith, thank you for the good word that you spread throughout the 'net.  I wouldn't have laughed yet tonight if it weren't for you.

BUT before you look try to think if you have any awkward family photos.  If you do, you too can be featured.  Send 'em.

now some of my own research:

google.  duh.


  1. any obst ones to post up? (did i even spell that right, ha, ha) how about some good ol' fashioned herzog pics. come on, show us what you got. i have this one of me and the fam...i'm rocking a perm, fluffy bangs, a uni-brow, a body suit and my brand new training bra...ha, ha, the body suit really compliments that last one! do you even remember body suits or are you too young? anyways, it was an olan mills pic so you know we went all out. glad we spent the extra cash for that laser beam background, the neon blue really complimented my mother's eyes;)

  2. hey...My family actually was supposed to be in that book...if you scope out my fb pics, you might be able to guess the one chosen! A few months ago, they sent a formal letter saying we got the boot, that to keep prices of production down, they had to eliminate some pages...we were on the chopping block THANK THE LORD!!

  3. Awkward family photos is my fav! I can't say we had too many...all ours were good except when it was just my sister and I. Lots of awkward photos with us in ridiculous outfits we picked out ourselves.

    When you said beer came out your nose -- for about 2 seconds I missed beer. Which is a good sign that my morning sickness is easing bc for awhile whenever I thought about booze of any kind, my stomach turned. :)

  4. I wish that any of my family pics were awkward enough for that book. But we have like zero family photos. Boo.

    I'd love to know the thought process behind the tree pic. Like...this would make a great shot! Let's climb up here! Okaaaaayyyyy....

  5. I absolutely love those. I really have to go through my mom's photos. There have got to be some dorky ones in there. If I find any, I'll totally post them.

  6. bahahahahahah - the one on the tree - bahahahahahhaha!!!!

    i'm going to gather the ones i receive and do an awesome post.

    i just looked at these photos again. i almost peed my pants.