Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm human again.

I've only known one person in my entire life who actually thrives with very minimal sleep.  3 to 4 hours a night, precisely.  The thought of that makes my legs achey and my eyelids heavy.  I know other people who are just fine when they don't get enough.  That is commendable to me.  Me, however, is an exception. I generally try not think of myself as 'the exception' and more 'the rule.' (<- elizabethtown)  Because I'm not exceptional, I am just the same as everyone else.  Except when it comes to sleep.  I take after my mom and grandmother (okay, so we're back to square one.  I'm not exceptional.  Even with sleep).  They can sleep anytime.  Anywhere.  My grandmother says she could sleep on a clothesline (I think that's how it goes, I'm so terrible with sayings).  So I can sleep no matter what.

The problem is without sleep I am a monster.  And that's only a slight exaggeration.  For realz.

My babies tend not to sleep all of their seventh month of life.  Not sure why.  So all night long I'm tossing and turning and just trying to get this baby to sleep.  (She's in bed with us because that's how we roll.  Literally)  Needless to say, I've been a little bit edgy, foggy, grumpy, pissed, confused, hungry hungry hungry (why? why? does it always go back to food for me!?)

Until last night.  She slept again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AKA pancakes and David Gray for breakfast, shopping, visitors, cleaning, hotdogs for lunch, no nap while my kids are napping which equals blogging and cookie dough.  Because when I'm happy I eat, too.

So I think I'll go tie up the loose ends of my life right now and maybe even work out.  Because I have energy again.  relief.


  1. My whole life, I've never slept well. I cannot sleep while there is light outside. As soon as light creeps in, I'm awake. I'm an early riser. I never had a problem not having enough shut eye. That is, until I got pregnant. All I wanted to do was sleep, sleep, was really weird when I took naps for the first time during the day. After I gave birth, I went back to my old sleeping habits again (except now, I am exhausted, but I never NAPPED WHEN EMMA NAPPED. It just didn't happen. I tried. I even tried sleeping programs, books, CD's, sounds. Nope. Nada. I guess I don't need it. I feel fine with just 4 hrs of sleep per night. I got to bed every day at 11pm or 12 midnight. I am up by 7 a.m. But a 5 hr sleep is good sleep for me. I'd love to sleep more as I have nasty dark under my eyes. Sleeping well also maintains your healthy weight (big reason why I want to sleep more).

    Even though I'm fine not sleeping that much, I'd love to sleep a lot more!!

  2. the title of this blog reminds me of the Homedics commercials for the back massager things where the guy is all mechanical and pixelated and then he suddenly "becomes human" after a massge...and you've prob never heard of it and now I will definitely for sure seem crazy. :) I get grmpy and foggy with less than about 4, but I can keep going on very little sleep..although I do crash. My hubby is completely opposite..if he doesn't' get his 8 hours, he's a bear. Should be fun when the baby comes.

  3. Mmmmmmm cookie dough! I completely forgot what this was about after reading that

  4. Oh man, I must have 7 hours at the very least or I'm cranky. But i really like to have 8. That's when I wake up doing the "happy to be alive" dance.

  5. HOORAY!!!! I am so glad you got some rest. I am one of those weirdos that only sleeps about 5 hours a night. But that's during the week and then suddenly on the weekend I will sleep until like 2 in the afternoon. I better get over that before I have a kid.

  6. wow, I do have a friend who can sleep anywhere, but I can't. I unfortunately, like to nap..due to high blood sugar in the afternoon..which big lunch for me. All I can say it takes decades to figure ourselves out. An on going process.

    Glad you got some sleep.

  7. Glad you finally got some sleep!

  8. Oh man, my son did that to me. He slept great until he was a little older. I don't function well, AT ALL, without sleep. I totally get ya!
    So glad you had a good nights sleep again. :)

  9. I'm glad you got some sleep. I am a nightmare without my sleep...I understand!