Wednesday, May 26, 2010

what I wore wednesday didn't exactly pan out like planned

Finally after weeks of indecision, I decided that I wanted to be an active member of What I Wore Wednesday, over at Pleated Poppy.  Active as in 2:7 days.  As in I would not've been allowed to participate in any extracurricular activity in high school.  I'M SORRY LINDSEY CHENEY.

Actually, she should be apologizing to me because what the h, lindsey?  Where is What I Wore Wednesday!?!??!?!?!!??!  Turns out I'll have to do my own pitiful, pitiful, so so sad version of WIWW (<-- not world war 1 or 3).

Drumroll: (In other words I'm feeling narcissistic and embarrassed that I really think you care about my clothes.  I'M TRYING TO BLOG EVERYDAY HERE, PEOPLE.)
Tshirt: Jcrew (my friend thought it was a sparkly buffalo on it which made my sparkle love it)
camisole: gap
Jeans: Banana Republic (love because they fit perfectly, love more because they were $12)

Try one:

Try two:

Finally Mr Incredible came home:
shirt: BR
jeans: gap
shoes: awesome pumas

What I didn't wear Wednesday:
And since you waited all so patiently, I'll tell you where I got it.  A garage sale.  From h&m.  But a garage sale.  Did that change your minds?


  1. damn girl, banana, jcrew, h&m and even the cami is gap! what the heck! all my tags say merona, xhilaration and old navy, ha, ha! i guess i'm not a very high end shopper over here.

    and you look sooooo SKINNY! makes this 9 month prego have a complex over here. ugh, will i ever be able to get back down.

    but i gotta say, my fav pic is the one of g-dogg being a super cutie pie and staring at the light on the floor. that kid is so flippin adorable!

  2. btw, just checked out her pics at The PleatedPoppy and it made me feel better about all my Target and Old Navy buys. That girl is cute, mini and I think I want her bathroom ;)

  3. Both of your outfits are super cute!

  4. I think I like that outfit more because it's from a garage sale, honestly.

    The second outfit with the rolled up jeans/capris? is so precious. i love me some capri pants although I heard they are not flattering on anybody and should not be worn..but what other options does a person who hates her short stubby legs HAVE in the summer? The sparkly buffalo is cute too :)

  5. Love all of it! Especially the pants with the second outfit!
    And I don't care what anyone says, I still like that dress.

  6. I triple heart that tshirt. Who doesn't love sparkley buffalo?? And I'm with Salt...still love the dress (but yes, even more so because it's from H&M and that explains a lot, actually. They are on the cutting edge of fashion...well, as cutting edge as I'll ever be...and just wear it with pride, love!)

    And I need more pumas in my life (shoes, not carnivorous cats).

  7. Fancy! I LOVE your buffalo sparkle top! Me jealous...

  8. If I could have jcrew as my daily wardrobe I totally would. Love it all!

  9. I think that dress is cute! I really, really love that t-shirt though!

  10. that dress is super cute !!

  11. Geez, cuz. You look fabulous. You have had three babies. I have not. I have no reason to not look fabulous too. I need to start my px90 I have had sitting in the spare bedroom.