Saturday, May 15, 2010

This week in review:

Someone better get me a beer quicker than you can say "Mr Incredible's new shoes."

Because every time I pass them I shudder.

Just because they're Adidas doesn't mean they're stylish.  This is called victimizing the brand name shopper.  Shame on you, Adidas.

The worst part of this entire fiasco?  I did this to him.  See, he needs a pair of white sneakers for his nursing program.  Because nurses wear white shoes so body matters can show up clearly on them.  Mr I was about to buy shoes himself.  That in itself is against the laws of nature and the laws in this home.  Add 'white' and 'sneakers' to that list and you can call me Johnny-on-it.

Two choices.  K-swiss, or Adidas.  Weighing options, weighing options- Adidas.  I seriously didn't think they'd look that bad though.

*** I just told him to read what I've written so far and he said, "how bad do they look?" then clicked over to the photos.  I suppose this is my opportunity to show the world***
uh huh.

In his defense, he realizes this.  The first day he came out doing the Newsboys heel click and asking "what is it that reminds me of being a little boy again?"

But this.  This has to stop.  When you take them off, Mr Incredible, they must be parallel with each other.  Or else it would be a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.


  1. I didn't know that was the reasoning behind the white! Fascinating!

  2. Dost my eyes deceive me or did you just post on the weekend? Hip-hip hooray! Way to make my day ;)

    P.S. If thats the real reason behind the white, I'm so glad I'm not a nurse. Sick!

  3. I always wondered about the white shoes on nurses...

    they don't look THAT bad...

  4. They really don't look that bad to me....but then I am

  5. i heart alexander and seeing that pic just made me so happy.

    i've seen worse man shoes. and at least they are just for work! manfriend has an ugly pair of boots that i h.a.t.e. and he wears those for the fun of it.

  6. I have a thing about bright white sneakers...especially on men. Something about them just bothers me. But since there is a purpose behind him getting them...which also involves potentially saving lives...I'm ok with these!

  7. poor guy looks like he's got midget feet under the scrubs...don't tell him I said that though. I don't want our relationship to be tattered by shoes.

  8. I always wondered about the white shoes! Forget the, it's gonna be tough keeping them that white after a few months!